Meet the creator



NAE is a Romanian artist based in Bretagne, northwestern France. With a primary focus on painting, particularly using acrylics, NAE's artistic style combines postmodern influences with neo-expressionist reverberations. His works often incorporate collage and other techniques, creating a diverse and dynamic body of art.

Driven by introspection and subjectivity, NAE delves into a range of themes, from reflections on heritage and connection to current affairs with political and environmental undertones. His artistic journey began long before it materialized into its current form, through a series of profound questions that he explored under the banner of "NAE" (Non-Existential Art Exhibitions).

For NAE, art goes beyond mere perception; it is a fluid process that evolves in harmony with each individual's consciousness, while maintaining a fundamental coherence. His creations are an invitation for viewers to discover their own answers and question them, allowing them to shape and interpret the enclosed universe in their own unique way. It is a liberating experience akin to reading an untitled book, where interpretation is left to the beholder's imagination.

According to NAE, the essence of his art lies in the intrinsic, elemental yearnings that manifest in everything he observes externally. His artistic endeavors serve as an echo for unaddressed longings within those who engage honestly and actively with his work.

NAE has never felt compelled to explain the origins of his artistic calling, nor does he believe it is necessary to translate it to the viewer. Instead, he believes in the freedom of interpretation that resides within the mind of the beholder.

When NAE paints, he becomes one with water, tapping into a limitless unconscious and the collective knowledge and memories of his ancestors. His art aims to challenge and invigorate the viewer's reality, while also encouraging self-discovery and deeper introspection within himself.

Rather than portraying matter and things as they appear to be, NAE seeks to capture the ubiquitous modes of perception and transformation. He longs for a revolution, a return to archaic memory while simultaneously projecting into a coveted and potentially challenging future. Through his art, NAE invites viewers to look at themselves and the world with unflinching honesty, creating a more dynamic and introspective reality.